Answer is not one


“Answer is not one”, we believe that there is not only one answer for all the customers.

According to our customer service strategy, we will approach our customers flexibly by providing different services to different customers, so as to attain the highest customer satisfaction.

As we believe that every customer have different needs and desires, that is what we claimed
‘The answer is not one’.

3 Targets

Not one Co., Ltd. has been established since 8 August 2016.

Our ambition is to exceed customer expectations and to achieve high customer satisfaction by providing customers superior service and sincere communication, but not only meeting the basic requirement- providing delicious food.

Plus, in order to attain “Community Vitalization” and let the charm of Saga Prefecture become more well-known, we set up our restaurant in Kanda.

「一期一会」, we treasure the valuable moments with every customer that we encountered, as we always believe that it is a chance in a life to meet every customer. Therefore we would like to provide the best to our customers, no matter food, beverage, service or the atmosphere.

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Restaurant business


和牛と創作料理 神田一期屋

東京都千代田区鍛冶町2丁目9−5 東園ビルB1F
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Monday - Saturday, the day before the holiday:
11: 30 ~ 14: 00 (Cooking LO 13: 30 drink LO 13: 30)
17:30 to 23:00 (LO 22:00 cuisine drink LO 22:30)


東京都千代田区内神田2-8-12 市川ビル 1F
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Monday - Friday:11:00~16:00 / 16:00~23:00

Mail order business

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Food and beverage consulting

The concept is “ It’s like a Japan .”

Based on the above concept, people could enjoy original Japanese style food, and the Japanese Washoku culture could be transmitted and spread around the world if the restaurant is set up according to the naive Japanese style and rules.

“Washoku”, which refers to traditional Japanese food. In recent years, foreigner visitors who came to visit Japan has kept increasing. At the same time, more and more Japanese style restaurants have been set up around the world. Obviously Japanese food has drawn a great deal of attention globally.

According to the foreigner that I have known, he pointed out that there was a difference between the Washoku that he ate from Japan and his home countries. It showed that the tradition and indigenousness of Washoku could be transmitted improperly sometimes in foreign countries.

Not one Co., Ltd. aims to provide excellent and traditional Japanese food and ambience to global guests using its experience of assisting clients to set up Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong and Israel for years. Our belief is to let more people around the world enjoy the naive Japanese food by providing consultative assistance for the restaurant set up.

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